EISA provides settlement services to children and youth in community schools to help young immigrants to succeed and integrate.

After a newcomer family moves to Edmonton, an exciting journey awaits the school-aged children and youth! A new school, new teachers, new friends, new curriculum, and new… New things are exciting, but they can also be challenging or overwhelming. We are here to support these students!

How do we support newcomer students?

Our Children and Youth Tutors and Mentors go to the participating community schools during out-of-school time to assist newcomer students to:

  • Effectively integrate into the Albertan school systems
  • Develop skills to adapt to Canadian cultures
  • Cope with cultural, social, emotional, and other relationship-related challenges.

We learn about the students’ needs and goals, so we design and lead different activities accordingly. We visit the participating community schools regularly, so we provide reliable and long-term support. We also develop a holistic approach when supporting the newcomer students. In this approach, we combine:

  • Academic tutoring
  • Recreational activities and snacks based on considerations of health, culture, and religions
  • Social support
  • Spring and summer day camps
  • Field trips and group social activities.

Where is our support available?

As a part of the Community Settlement Services provided by EISA, we support and assist the children and youth newcomers in dozens of community schools in Edmonton. Our participating schools include community schools of Edmonton Public Schools and Edmonton Catholic Schools. You can find out the participating community schools in two ways:

  • Call our main office line 780-474-8445, or
  • Click on the map below and contact EISA staff working in the community schools and libraries.
Use this map to find locations of EISA's settlement services.
Service locations are subject to change. Always contact us to confirm the most current service locations before visiting a service location shown on the map.

 How do you register for our services?

  • Step 1: Confirm the student’s school is one of the participating schools with an EISA staff. You can use two ways:
    • Call our main office line 780-474-8445, or
    • Click on the map above and contact EISA staff working in the community schools and libraries.
  • Step 2: Talk to the EISA staff and provide more information about the student’s needs and goals.
  • Step 3: Complete a registration form provided by the EISA staff. We may require you to provide supporting documents to complete the registration.

What are the fees?

You do not pay for the registration or the service. Our service is free of charge.

A small fee may apply for SOME field trips or group social activities. Before these field trips or activities, we will send you a consent form, and you will only need to pay when you consent that the student will be a participant in such field trips or activities.