Moving to a new place to live and work, you need to get information, make decisions for yourself and your children, and make plans. Even after living and working in Canada for a few years, you may still face challenges and need support and assistance.

Here at EISA, we assist and support you when you just come to Canada; we help you integrate into the communities and access community resources and available services along this journey. We see our communities as a whole picture, so we offer programs and services that help all categories of newcomers. We bring all these services to community schools and libraries. Therefore, you can easily find us in your community and get the information and support that meet your needs.

To find a program or service that best meets your needs, click on the cards displayed under the corresponding immigration category. If you are unsure what your immigration category is, contact us to learn about what we can do to help you.

At EISA, landed immigrants, protected persons, and Conventional Refugees can

At EISA, refugee claimants can

At EISA, naturalized Canadian citizens can

At EISA, Temporary Foreign Workers (TFW), international students, and other temporary visa holders can