EISA provides services to help new immigrants and refugees in its main office, community schools, and libraries.

The moment when you landed in Canada, you start a journey of settlement and integration. You and your family have some needs to meet and plans to make. Some immediate needs include getting important documents, buying ethnic food, find an apartment or a house, and learn about what to wear in winter and where to get groceries.

You also have longer-term goals to achieve. To achieve these goals, you may need to improve your English skills, find a job, or apply for an educational program.

All of these need to be done in a short time, but even getting around the city to find places to get them done is a challenge, especially in winter.

How nice it would be if you can get information to meet all of these needs by visiting one place and talking to one person! So, who can help you do that? We can! EISA can! Our Settlement and Integration Services can!

If you are a landed permanent resident, a protected person, or a refugee, our experienced staff will accompany you through your journey as a newcomer to Edmonton

If you have school-age children, our Children and Youth Tutors and Mentors will also support them at their schools through our Children and Youth Settlement Services.

To make it easier for you and your family to access all the community resources and services available to new immigrants and refugees, we also provide support services. With these services, you can get a document translation to support your applications, find an interpreter to help you understand the information we provide, obtain a certified true copy of your document, and declare a statement in front of a Commissioner for Oaths.

What makes EISA’s services unique and outstanding? Our staff and our service delivery approach.

Our staff speaks dozens of languages and has extensive experience working with new immigrants and refugees. With a multilingual and multicultural perspective, we center your needs and your family’s needs and support you to achieve your goals of settlement, adaptation, and integration.

Our service delivery approach takes you and your family as a center. We bring all our services to your community, where you live or work, so we eliminate two barriers slowing your settlement and integration journey down – not being familiar with the city’s locations and not capable of getting around in cold weather. At the same time, we see the service and support you need as a whole picture, so we have a one-stop service approach. With this approach, we provide all the information you need, so you do not need to visit multiple locations to collect the information yourself.

Our outstanding staff are ready to start the journey with you and assist you along this journey by:

  • Assessing your needs and building a settlement plan with you
  • Providing you with information and orientation workshops on various topics on education, employment, housing, health, social services, legal system, financial literacy, and more
  • Referring you to available EISA services and/or specific services in the community based on your needs
  • Connecting you to social activities and volunteer opportunities as individuals, and families
  • Supporting you and your family in your overall well-being
  • Providing support services to you and your family to make it easier for you to access translation.
Due to the funds from Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship, EISA assists and supports thousands of immigrants and refugees every year.