EISA offers EAL/ESL classes at a low cost for newcomers and natualized Canadian citizens.

Welcome to our English-language learner classes, a great choice for adult English learners who want to improve their real-life English skills in a supportive learning environment with a few hours a week for in-class learning.

Over the past decades, our classes have helped many English learners achieve their learning goals: improve their English listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills and prepare themselves for further education and future employment opportunities. Now, we are ready to help you achieve your English learning goal.

All our instructors are members of the Alberta Teachers of English as a Second Language (ATESL). They have many years of experience teaching ELL courses and working with newcomers.

What are the class schedules?

The 2024 winter and spring classes are in-person.

How do I register?

Please contact the instructor of the schedule you select and register directly with the instructor.

Mr. Barry Ripper: bripper13@shaw.ca, 780-945-3702

Ms. Patricia York: PYork@eisa-edmonton.org, 780-918-3269

What level of class should I register for?

We offer adult ELL classes of Levels 2, 3, 4, and 5. If you have a recent English assessment result, please share it with our instructors. If you do not have an assessment result, the instructor will provide more information to help you decide what level fits you better.

How much do I pay for the class registration?

CAD 60 for Permanent Residents or Naturalized Canadian Citizens

CAD 100 for students of other immigration categories

After the registration, please pay your tuition to your instructor directly with either a cheque/money order (paid to: Edmonton Immigrant Services Association) or with cash.

What are the course load and course content?

We offer ELL courses three times a year: Fall (September to December), Winter (January to March), and Spring (April to June). No matter what schedule you choose, you will have six class hours in total each week.

Our ELL courses improve English learners’ overall skills. Although each instructor plans and designs the courses differently according to the student’s skill levels and learning goals, all our ELL courses incorporate one or more of the following subjects:

  • Adult Basic Literacy: It offers basic literacy to adults who want to upgrade their reading, numerical, and writing skills. Students will practice listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills. Emphasis is on listening, understanding, and verbal skills.
  • Citizenship Education: It orients adults who are new to Canada to Canadian life. It discusses social, economic, and political forces in Canada and helps students acquire knowledge of fundamental and democratic rights and freedoms in Canada and their responsibilities as Canadian citizens.
  • Community and Personal Support: It deals with various community issues such as family violence and drug abuse.
  • Health and Wellness: It incorporates elements of preventative health. It provides students with a practical approach to remaining healthy and fit as they learn English. The focus is on health, fitness, nutrition, and preventative measures.
  • Human Rights and Legal Rights: It informs students of the rights and freedoms that Canadian citizens enjoy and practice.
Thanks to the funds from the Edmonton Community Adult Learning Association (ECALA),
dozens of adult English learners benefit from our ELL classes each year.