Volunteer and Donate

Volunteers are an essential part of our efforts to ensure the successful integration of newcomer immigrants and refugees. By sharing unique talents, knowledge and time, volunteers make a valuable contribution toward the successful integration and well-being of newcomers.

Join over 400 of our dedicated and experienced volunteers and make a difference in the lives of newcomers to Canada and in your life.

Why Volunteer?

Approximately one half of people living in Alberta spend time volunteering for a cause or organization they believe in. Volunteering provides an opportunity for people to grow as individuals and do their part to make our world a better place. Some of the benefits of being a volunteer at EISA include:

  1. Make a difference: EISA’s client-centred focus on social adaptation to life in Canada means that our volunteers will be able to see first-hand how their efforts help newcomers adjust to life in our city. It is an incredibly rewarding feeling to know that the time and energy you donate has an immediate and positive impact on someone else’s quality of life.
  2. Learn a new skill: We will provide workshops on how to relate to people from different cultures, how to use the English language to communicate effectively with newcomers, how to manage stress, and deal with conflict in a respectful manner. All workshops will be offered free of charge to all EISA clients, and volunteers.
  3. Learn to better relate to others: Share your knowledge and expertise with others, and build confidence in your ability to relate to, work and share ideas with others.
  4. Network: You never know just who you will meet at one of our training seminars or social activities. Remember that 85-90% of all jobs in Canada are not listed online or in the newspaper. Your ability to find a rewarding career in a field of your choice is greatly enhanced if you make connections with others. Those connections could serve you very well in the future!!
  5. Gain valuable work experience: Volunteering with EISA is an excellent way for you to gain valuable work experience and fill a gap in your resume, or start a new career. We provide opportunities for people to learn how to administer programs, build people skills, and develop administrative skills. We have written letters of recommendation in the past for volunteers looking to get into academic programs or starting a new job.
  6. Feel good and have fun: EISA will organize social events on a regular basis each month, providing clients and volunteers with extra opportunities to meet new people and build skills they need to succeed in our world today (while having fun in the process).

The variety of opportunities for volunteer involvement at EISA will allow you to choose flexible or scheduled volunteer assignments, and to make a long-term or short-term commitment.

Our Volunteer Opportunities

EISA has a number of ongoing volunteer opportunities. The success of our programs heavily depends on our ability to attract and retain quality people willing to donate their time to help others. These positions include:

Community Translators/Interpreters (Language Bank Program)

Share your skills of proficiency in languages other than English. Use and develop your translation and interpretation skills to help newcomers and refugees to Edmonton. Assist with document translation and on-site interpretation to assist clients with settlement. Very flexible schedule and you can even work from home!

Community Support Volunteers (New Neighbours Mentors)

Volunteers of this program are Edmontonians who are knowledgeable of and well-adapted to life in Canada. There are two different areas for volunteers

  1. Mentors: They are matched with a newcomer (based on compatibilities we gather from the application process), and commit a minimum of one or two hours per week for a period of three to four months to share their knowledge to assist newcomers from different backgrounds in:
  •  Practicing conversational English.
  • Familiarization with Edmonton and what it offers.
  • Overcoming isolation and building a social network.
  • Building friendships in order to break social and cultural isolation.
  • Sharing information on Canadian culture and lifestyle.
  • Familiarizing them to available community services and resources.
  • Introducing them to social and recreational activities and healthy living.
  • Helping newcomers practice conversational English skills.

      2. Conversation Circle: They share their knowledge to assist newcomers from different                            backgrounds at our conversation circles.  Conversation circles occur at EISA’s main office on              Tuesday afternoons at EISA’s main office September to June. In the conversation circle,                      volunteers assist newcomers with practicing conversational English.


Volunteers are needed to help greet clients, answer phones and complete general administration tasks. Location is at the main office within the hours Monday to Friday 830am to 430pm.


Youth Tutors/Mentors (Youth Program)

Tutors and mentors with EISA Youth Programs help meet the need of young newcomers who are adjusting to the academic requirements of a new country, learning a new language or needing a little extra social support.

Volunteers are enthusiastic, patient, flexible, and compassionate Edmontonians who would like to share a few hours a week to helping newcomer students develop academic and social skills

To support our objectives, a volunteer possesses a genuine interest in supporting youth in a culturally diverse setting. A volunteer with this program aims to assist with meeting these objectives by committing the time necessary to foster a consistent and positive environment for our youth.



For more information, please call us at 780-474-8445.

Please be advised that security checks will be conducted on all potential volunteers. Please click here to refer to our volunteer policy.


We currently require the following:

  • Cash donations (always welcome)
  • non-perishable food