Youth Settlement Services-Details

This page is for detailed information about Youth Mentoring Services.

Click here for general information (fees, registration and so on) of Youth Mentoring Services

Academic Tutoring Services

EISA recognizes the difficulties that immigrant youth may have in learning a new language and adapting to a new educational system. Our academic tutoring services are facilitated by professional staff and trained volunteer tutors, aiming to provide a safe place to enjoy learning.

EISA Academic Tutoring Services cover school subjects such as language arts, French, Math, Science, and Social Studies. We provide a weekly one-on-one tutoring session based on each student’s needs, which is different from group teaching. For every tutoring session, students are encouraged to bring their schoolwork or a specific topic to work on. If they do not have anything specific to work on, we usually do a tutoring session according to their current classroom teaching content. Instead of forcing students to memorize learning content, our tutors encourage students to enjoy learning by effective strategies and positive modeling.

After each session, the students’ workout is recorded in a progress report. This progress report is shared with the students’ classroom teachers weekly. Feedback and suggestions from their teachers help us set up a clearer goal for the next tutoring session. Parents/guardians are welcomed to communicate with us in all kinds of ways: a note, a phone call, an email…, or even messages through Facebook or Twitter. Since tutoring sessions on Saturday afternoons are drop-in ones, progress reports are not provided. However, if the parents/guardians would like to know how the sessions went, we can always provide a short summary and share it with the parents.

Recreational Activities and Snacks

Recreational activities and snacks are only available in after-school Youth Mentoring Services.

Recreational activities, including physical activities and board game time, usually follow academic tutoring sessions. These supervised activities allow youth to practice their skills, explore talents, keep active, and connect with others in a safe, positive, and fun environment.

We provide safe and healthy food as snacks, and we respect all kids’ food preferences (Halal food/Vegetarian food/Gluten-free food). When filling in the registration form, please let us know whether the student has a food allergy or a food preference.

Social Support

Social support in the form of group games and group discussions focuses on practicing social skills, developing better understanding of Canadian society and multicultural values, developing respectful relationships, building self-esteem, and promoting healthy living.

We also help high school students with their further education choices, resume writing and job hunting. The student can contact Youth Mentoring Services Team and book an appointment. These sessions are only available in our office.

Spring Camps, Summer Camps, and Winter Camps

These camps are day camps for immigrant youth. Camp activities usually include academic tutoring, field trips, physical activities, arts and crafts, and information sessions. These camps encourage youth to be socially active by forming new relationships and trying new activities in a positive environment. Usually, spring camps are held during spring break, and winter camps are held during winter break. Summer camps typically start at the beginning of July, and last for 4 weeks.