New Neighbours Program-Service Details

This page is for detailed information about New Neighbours Program. Click here for general information of New Neighbours Program (fees, registration and so on).

Matching newcomers with volunteers

Through Matching, New Nighbours Program provides an opportunity for a newcomer to seek support from local volunteers to overcome frustration and challenges during settling down in a new city. Volunteers share their knowledge of Edmonton and provide guidance on different local topics such as places of interests, restaurants, libraries, schools, theatres, shopping centres. This process of sharing experience is also helpful for the newcomers to practice their English. Volunteers and newcomers meet once a week in a public place to exchange ideas, plan activities or simply chat and hang out.  Volunteers are introduced to newcomers through the Program Coordinator and typically meet for three months, which we think is the minimum time needed for newcomers to settle down.  All our volunteers undergo a police check to ensure safety of newcomers.

Field trips, social group activities and seasonal celebrations

Participants of New Neighbours Program are encouraged to attend events and field trips. From May to September New Neighbours and other programs at EISA organize overnight trips, day outs and picnics to introduce our participants to Albertan rich cultural and natural heritage.  In 2013, we toured all over Edmonton and went to the beautiful Waterton National Park. Most day trips are either free or cost very little. These events are advertised to our participants through emails.

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Information sessions for participants

Our information sessions are facilitated by expert guest speakers. Covering the topics about legal, health, financial and social communities in Edmonton, these information sessions aim to meet the newcomers’ needs during their settlement process in Edmonton. These information sessions will be advertised through email to our participants.

  • Immigration and legal sessions on  pathways to Permanent Residency for Temporary Residents (international Students and Temporary Foreign Workers) facilitated by Edmonton Community Legal Centre and other non-profit legal centres – Twice a year
  • Sessions for Refugee Claimants in Canada facilitated by  Edmonton Legal Aid  – Once a year
  • Understanding Canadian Labor laws – First week of September to commemorate Labour’s Day
  • Women’s health workshops – Once to twice a year
  • Tax time and financial workshops – Every March

We also provide short and interactive presentations by outreaching the other service providers, including Adult ESL schools, immigrant and settlement serving agencies, centres and community organizations.

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Information, orientation and referral

Adjusting to a new community can be challenging. New Neighbours Program engages newcomers in order to assist their successful transition to the Edmonton community through providing information resources based on the newcomers’ needs. The information we refer to the participants includes but not limits to the following perspectives:

  • Childcare
  • Education
  • Employment
  • Essential document application
  • Health services
  • Housing

Last edited-June 2, 2014