New Neighbours Program

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Funded by The City of Edmonton’s Family Community and Support Services (FCSS), the New Neighbours Program has been crucial in supporting newcomers in Edmonton since 1989. In our New Neighbours Program, newcomers start their settlement in Edmonton in a great way through meeting new people, making new friends, knowing about different cultural and helpful resources in Edmonton while enjoying various social, international and recreational activities in a safe and enjoyable environment.

Who Can Register

New Neighbours Program serves Temporary Foreign Workers, International Students, Refugee Claimants, Refugees, Protected Persons in Edmonton.

Services Offered

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New Neighbours Program services, in-office events and information sessions are free of cost. However, a small fee may apply for SOME field trips or group social outings.

How to Register

  • Government issued Identity Card  is required for the first registration or on the first day of accessing the services
  • Appointment is required for New Neighbours Program services
  • For further information, registration, and presentation booking, please contact:

Program Coordinator  by email at and

Last Edited-Jan 31, 2018