Support Services-Interpretation Services

We are currently not providing interpretation services.

Eligible clients

To be eligible for the Language Bank Program services, a client can be:

  • a Permanent Resident of Canada;
  • a Convention Refugee or Protected Person as defined in Section 95 of the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act; or
  • an individual who has been selected to become a permanent resident
  • a refugee claimant
  • a naturalized Canadian citizen

Interpretation Context

Our Interpretation Services are offered for the following:

  • Appointments with social workers and settlement practitioners
  • Basic legal information inquiry
  • Basic medical information inquiry
  • Completion of applications for all essential documents and services for settlement purpose (Social Insurance Number, Canada Child Tax Benefit, Alberta Health Card, etc.)

How to place an interpretation request

  • Interpretation requests is expected to be placed in person
  • You need to present your Permanent Resident Card, Confirmation of Permanent Residence, or Landing Paper
  • You need to provide your appointment time and location
  • You need to contact us at least ONE WEEK BEFORE your appointment date

A Settlement Practitioner will conduct a Needs Assessment with you before you place the interpretation request.


Interpretation service is FREE for eligible clients. The client will pay for traffic expenses of the interpreter (bus ticket, parking, etc.) if there is any.

For further information in regards to our Translation Services, please call 780-474-8445 or email us at