Support Services-Translation, Interpretation and Commissioner for Oaths Services

All support services are delivered by APPOINTMENT ONLY. Click here to book an appointment.

Click here if you would like to volunteer with Translation and/or Interpretation Services

Communication is the starting point for immigrants to overcome all the other challenges they face. Reducing communication barriers is the foundation for all succeeding steps to move forward. The services we provide aim to enable immigrants to fully access the services and resources needed to seek employment or admission to educational programs.

Services We Provide:

  • Translation Services-when you have a document and you want to translate it into another language in written texts
  • Interpretation Services-when you need someone to go to your appointment with you and do interpretation in your language (currently not available)
  • Commissioner for Oaths Services-when you need to make statutory declarations or get a certified true copy/notarized copy of your original document (Both types of documents must be used in Alberta only.¬† If these documents are for use outside of Alberta, you will need a notary.)