Newcomer Orientation Week

NOW 187

What is NOW (Newcomer Orientation Week)?


NOW is a three-day orientation event where newly arrived students are prepared for their first weeks in Canadian high schools. The program is offered annually by the In-School Settlement Services staff in August, a week before school officially starts.

Newcomer students are oriented to their new schools by student volunteers known as Peer Leaders who have experienced being newcomers themselves. Peer Leaders take part in three days of leadership training to prepare them for their new role the week prior to the NOW program.

The In-School Settlement Services program launched the first NOW program in August 2010 at Queen Elizabeth High School and has been delivering the program since then.

What schools are Participating NOW 2018?

Last year, six high schools participated:

How to register NOW 2018?

If you are a newcomer student and if you are attending the above schools, you are encouraged to register by contacting Oliver at 780-474-8445 or