Language Bank-Commissioner for Oaths Services

Language Bank Program does NOT provide Notary Public Services. If you need Notary Public Services, you will need to contact a lawyer.

When you need a commissioner for oaths

In Alberta, a Commissioner for Oaths is defined by the Commissioners for Oaths Act in the Statutes of Alberta, Chapter C-19. A Commissioner for Oaths administers oaths, and takes and receives affidavits, declarations, and affirmations that will be used in Alberta. Therefore, you need a commissioner for the oaths when you declare a statement is true or when you need to certify/notarize a true copy of your original document (s).

Eligible clients

To be eligible for the Language Bank Program services, a client can be either:

  • a permanent resident of Canada;
  • an individual in Canada who has applied for permanent resident status and is in possession of an approval in principle letter from CIC;
  • a foreign caregiver currently participating in the Live-In Caregiver Program;
  • a Canadian citizen with significant cultural and linguistic barriers to participation; or
  • a Convention refugee and Protected Persons as defined in Section 95 of the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act

Contact our commissioners for oaths

Our commissioners for oaths takes appointment ONLY. Please contact them directly to book an appointment:

Graham Strauss              Commissioner for Oaths       780-474-8445 (Ext. 231)                   

Shyam Autar                   Commissioner for Oaths      780-392-2933