Language Bank-Certified Translation Services

An AFFIDAVIT signed by the translator/proofreader before the commissioner for oaths is attached to the translation provided by our Certified Translation Services. If you need a translation from a Canadian Certified Translator/Canadian Accredited Translator, you will need to go to (Association of Translators and Interpreters of Alberta).

Eligible clients

To be eligible for the Language Bank Program services, a client can be either:

  • a permanent resident of Canada;
  • an individual in Canada who has applied for permanent resident status and is in possession of an approval in principle letter from CIC;
  • a foreign caregiver currently participating in the Live-In Caregiver Program;
  • a Canadian citizen with significant cultural and linguistic barriers to participation; or
  • a Convention refugee and Protected Persons as defined in Section 95 of the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act

Documents we accept

Basic documents needed for immediate settlement, educational and employment purposes such as:

  • Birth certificates
  • Certifications for immigration purposes
  • Death certificates
  • Divorce certificates
  • Driver’s licenses and driving records
  • Educational documents including high school diplomas, college or technical school diplomas, university diplomas, degree certificates, and transcripts
  • Employment records
  • Marriage certificates
  • Police check
  • Professional accreditation documents

For each request, we accept three documents or five pages of documents, whichever is more.

How to place a translation request and drop off your documents

You do NOT need an appointment to place a translation request and drop off your documents. In order to place a translation request, you need to bring:

  • Original documents for translation – we will not keep your originals, but we will take photocopies from them. A certified true copy of the original document (s) will be accepted as the original document(s)
  • Permanent Resident Card, Confirmation of Permanent Residence, or Landing Paper of the document owner

Please contact Language Bank staff if you can only place a translation request through mail or email.


  • Translation service is FREE for eligible clients who have been in status of Canadian Permanent Residents for LESS THAN ONE YEAR. Free translation does not apply to translation requests for driver’s licenses
  • A SMALL FEE is charged for naturalized Canadian citizens and for eligible clients who have been in status of permanent residents for MORE than a year
  • Stamping fee will be applied to all the eligible clients
  • You can pay when you pick up the translation

Language Bank Team

For further information in regards to Certified Translation Services, please contact:

Amanda Zhang               Client Support Staff               780-474-8445 (Ext. 230)

Jewel He                            Client Support Staff               780-474-8445 (Ext. 254)